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Every team that goes remote today needs to adjust its communication, tools, processes and team culture. In Remote Software Development we take you inside our

10-years journey of building a remote-first company.

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culture of a distributed team

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Who you'll learn from

Adam Warski

CTO and co-founder


"We found that a proper project’s kick-off and focus on communication are what makes the remote cooperation with a client work."

Jacek Kunicki

Senior Software Engineer


"Try to create a setup that supports transparent communication. Especially when working in a remote team, it’s important to assume that all the communication within a project needs to be accessible to everyone. "

Krzysztof Ciesielski

Software Engineer


"Avoid dividing the project into independent areas where people work alone. The more dependencies you have and the more people exchange know-how, skills, and experience, the better for your project."

Tomasz Dziurko

Senior Software Engineer


"Voice communication in teams is usually more efficient than the written one. That’s why on a daily basis our teams use TeamSpeak, which uses the push-to-talk mechanism. Every team has a dedicated channel where everyone ‘sits’ during the day."
Frames that shape our projects
Comparison check-lists
of different tools
Full setup of all our remote communication tools and channels
Tips for running effective online meetings and team building activities

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